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Lash Extensions Styles

Classic lashes

are a popular type of eyelash extensions that emphasize length and volume while still looking natural. Classic lash extensions are applied individually, one extension per natural lash, using a safe and gentle adhesive. These extensions are typically made with synthetic or faux mink materials, designed to mimic the look and feel of natural lashes.

Classic lash extensions are customizable to fit the specific needs and preferences of each individual client. The length, thickness, and curl of the extensions can be adjusted based on the client's natural lashes and desired look. The procedure itself is typically painless and can take anywhere from 1-1.5 hours to complete.

Once applied, classic lash extensions can last for up to 4-6 weeks with proper maintenance and care. Touch-ups are recommended every 2-3 weeks to maintain the fullness and length of the extensions. Classic lashes require minimal upkeep, and clients can continue to wear makeup and go about their daily activities as usual. Classic lash extensions are a great option for those looking to enhance their natural lashes while still maintaining a subtle and natural appearance. With their versatility and longevity, classic lashes have become a staple in the beauty industry and are a popular choice for both everyday wear and special occasions.

Hybrid lashes

are a type of eyelash extension that combine two different techniques in one set to create a personalized, subtle, but fuller look. They consist of both classic (individual lash extensions) and volume (multiple lash extensions) lashes that are mixed together to create a wispy, natural effect.The classic lashes are applied one-to-one to the natural lashes, while volume lashes are added in small clusters of 2-5 lashes.The combination of these two types of lashes creates a more textured look that gives the impression of more volume and length.Hybrid lashes are ideal for those who have fine or sparse natural lashes, but still want a natural-looking result. They provide an enhanced, yet subtle look that is neither too dramatic nor too natural. They are also perfect for those who want to transition from classic to volume lashes, but are not yet ready for a full volume set.Overall, hybrid lashes offer a happy medium between the natural, classic look and the more dramatic, full volume look, providing a customized, versatile style that can suit a wide range of needs and preferences

Russian lashes

also known as volume lashes, are a type of artificial eyelash extension that give the appearance of fuller, more voluminous lashes. Unlike classic lash extensions, which attach individual lashes to each natural lash, Russian lashes use a technique called "fanning," where multiple ultra-fine lashes are attached to a single natural lash. This creates a more dramatic and full look, as many lashes are added per natural lash.

Russian lashes come in a range of sizes and lengths, allowing for customization to fit each individual's desired look. The lashes are typically made of synthetic or faux mink fibers, which are lightweight and flexible, providing a comfortable and natural-looking result. The application process can take up to two hours, depending on the number of lashes desired, and the lashes can last for up to six weeks with proper care.

Overall, Russian lashes have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their ability to create a glamorous, dramatic look that enhances the natural beauty of the eyes.

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